A page dedicated to Sage < 3

Welcome to The Sage Page!

Please read this first for some information

Sage and I had many amazing experiences together, so I put some effort into making a neocities website dedicated to them.

He is my best friend and the most important person in my life. I want him to feel appreciated. I will update this page with pictures and blog-like posts.

I want to ask you Sage, if you are seeing this, if you will go out with me and help me update this site regularly, where we can share our best times together and learn coding together.

I would love to update "The future" page with you, where we can talk about our plans together and show off all our photos together.

blog type posts where I rant

poem of the day:

1. The number of hours we have together is actually not so large. Please linger near the door uncomfortably instead of just leaving. Please forget your scarf in my life and come back later for it.

2. "I am far from you, But I can dream of you"

3. I wish I had the power to ignore you like you ignore me.

4. "I wish you'd stayed"

5. You'll remember me in the morning, and you'll come back, and you'll tell me about us, and we'll start over

6. I was not made for this kind of test. I will break apart. I will not remain. I will come undone and you will never see me again

7. "Suddenly, you realise you'll never have the good relationship you wanted and as long as they were alive, even though you'd never admit it, part of you, the stupidest goddamn part of you was still holding onto that chance."

8. Thank you for being there when no one else was, even though you fucking left too."